So, I have to start by talking about that last election. I have to because something miraculous happened. It was an honest to God miracle...and I am NOT talking about Trump winning.



It's more about the fact that Hillary lost.

As a bonafide Sanders supporter, I knew the fix was in and I put my back into fighting the Clinton machine. We fought hard, we fought like the Brits defending their island...we fought on the net, we fought in the streets, we fought on the phones....we would never surrender. We even had a few celebrities on our Sarah Silverman (more on her later).


We did fight like Brits though....we thought that there were rules to civilized war. We were wrong. The cards were stacked against us. People who were supposed to be neutral were anything but. Then there was also the super-delegates...can't forget them...from day one they were entirely spoken for, and the media made sure you knew and understood that. Hillary the Queen was using this primary as a ballroom dance prior to her coronation. We were the riff-raff she was going to use as her red carpet as she made her entrance...and Bernie Sanders was the carpet salesman. We didn't know that last part yet...that came later.


As the Bernie supporters were being railroaded, they became angry....then they got pissed and started fighting back. They were screaming and yelling and demanding that they be heard....and then comes that perfect moment in time when Sarah Silverman let us know what we meant to the DNC and the Crowned Princess..


We were NOT being taken seriously....and they wanted us to just get in line and do as we are told.

She clearly had no understanding of who we were and where we came from. We were the middle-class Americans who saw in Bernie a chance for the Democrats to truly reach us as a base of supporters...we were also the children of the 90's who knew how out of touch and evil the Clintons were.


Sarah failed to have the impact she wanted.

Sarah succeeded in driving the final nail in the coffin of the idea that Bernie-Bros would ever toe the line.


As a voter....we don't often get to pick the winner.....but the one thing we get to pick every single time is the loser.....and the Bernie-Bros chose.....wisely



I'm going to end off this segment....there's a lot more to come, but I'm gonna stop here.


We have a lot of ground and TRUE history to cover, but it started here, and liberals need to know this.