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I was ready to sit this one out. I was going to stay by the sidelines and watch as conservatives  performed the greatest cakewalk into the halls of power ever. I mean....the truth is out there...the people know. The slaves are leaving the plantations in droves. But then the Tech monopolies had to push it....they just haaaaad to have it their way. They're still trying to elect Hillary after all of this shit.The jailing of Tommy Robinson, the banning of Alex Jones....remember when I said the last bastion of free speech will be fought on the personal website? we are, baby!

Fine....let's do this....I'm pumped.Sit back, relax and enjoy the show....coming to you mostly still alive...all the way from Tennessee....if Nashville is the heart of Tennessee, then surely Antioch is it's sweaty taint....


Ladies and Gentleman and the uncountable trillions of ungenderable SJW's......