This is ridiculous. A young girl faced trauma between 10 and 11 years old.....and by 17 she had decided that life wasn't worth living.  If any of you out there are supporting this idea, you are part of the problem.


Life is precious and rare and fucked up and full of horror and beautiful and wondrous and worth every second.


This girl just gave up, and her mother approved...and if you don't see how fucked up that is, I can't help you. Your humanity is lost. Even victims can become heroes. They can chart the path to a greater humanity. They can even just....survive.


They can teach us, they can learn from others, they can share their experience.....they can just be present.They can stand up against the horror by simply stating "I will continue".


I do not, I cannot, I will not ever understand this cult of death that this generation worships.