Ok...I've actually been pretty good about my boycott of social media for a bit, and I have to say....I'm feeling a little less crazy.

I've been reading some articles about how social media has been affecting mental health. To be honest, it really didn't definitively say whether it was changing too positively or negatively....but I can assure you that it is changing it.

This is an exercise I would greatly endorse for others to follow. It's very liberating.


The downside is that I have been less compelled to update this site, but don't worry...I will make an effort to do so.

My game is going extremely well...I have made a lot of new friends, and I am making a lot of in-game money....also it is burning stress like kindling. It's fantastic.

Politics...well....I expect bad things are about to come down the pipe for Dems, but then again...I always do. I could rail and rant about the many many MANY hypocrisies and scandals they are producing lately...but I'll just say this....




As a personal life update, I'll throw this out there...


Life is beautiful...money is flowing....things are happening....and I have incredible kids who have incredible kids.


get off social media and 'step outside'



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Stress....let's talk about stress.

It's an old and dear friend of mine. We know each other so well, we borrow toothbrushes from each other.

So...life has parked several large issues on my doorstep again. I don't even know how to begin to process some of this. there is literally 2 equal and opposite possibilities....take more damage to the direction of my life, and help others....or make serious gains against the debt we have accrued, but leave those same people to discover other solutions.

I am not heartless, but I am running out of time to correct my own course.

This is not just family, it is also simultaneously happening in my work life.

It's frustrating....it's stressful....

I want to be the good guy, but I also want my hard-work and dedication to produce results in MY life and improve life for my wife and I.


I work good under stress....I hope I find the 3rd option soon.



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Yes, I've been tracking too heavily on my Eve Online game lately, but to be honest....even with all of the political sideshows going on....there really isn't anything actually HAPPENING.

There is no one who didn't see the Democrats getting murdered on the government shutdown....they reaped what they sowed. It'll just make the 2018 bloodbath that much richer.

At this point....all I am waiting for is for them to #ReleaseTheMemo


So, unless something major happens, expect more game updates.

Also, I'm really enjoying NOT being on Facebook at this point.

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So this last weekend I dropped almost my entire wealth in the game into transporting fighting and mining ships down to NULLSEC.

The transport was intercepted and destroyed. Everything was lost.

My corporation stepped up to the plate and refunded all of my losses...to the last penny. I was able to set up a new shipment and send out all of the previously lost ships, along with a couple extras. These shipments made it fine.

So, tonight I joined a raiding party and fought alongside some of the more powerful members of our team. One of them did not make it through the fight. He lost his ship, and had to retreat while the last 2 of us fought through the melee.Throughout the fight, I never dropped below 50% shields....on an armor tanking ship....which basically means I barely received a scratch.

When it was all said and done....I donated my earnings on the raid to the member who lost his ship....it was the least I could do.


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