Rethinking my mission with this site.


I honestly was thinking this would be a great place to create thought-provoking articles where former members would enjoy the nostalgia of visiting. However, I don't think that's possible now. The political landscape is too volatile and far too toxic. Also, because I will not change from the conservative that I am....and that is just not acceptable to a lot of people.

Worse though...watching loved ones turn into SJW zombies. Who literally hurl labels of 'racism', 'Nazi' or 'fascist' at any idea that is counter to their own narrative. Like, for example, when I disagreed on the definition of whether an exploratory committee constitutes an actual presidential campaign. Yeah....not kidding. I just simply asked a couple questions and was immediately shut down with several undeserved epithets over that one.

In this climate ANY challenge of the SJW narrative is a physical violent attack in their minds. I wish I was kidding with that statement. We live in very Orwellian times. I am also watching the great powers of the social media giants shutting down conservative free speech. They aren't even hiding it anymore.

I remember in the recent past as Twitter stood lockstep with Apple in it's resistance to assist the FBI in unlocking a terrorist's iPhone in the name of protecting it's user's privacy (A stance that I understood was complicated, and I could not fault them on), but just recently seeing them tell the DOJ that they are eager and ready to hand over the sitting president's DMs...ya know....cause that's just fine....and NOBODY even asked them to. They just WANT to give it out.

I have no skin in that game, but I point it out because it shows the complete insanity of their stances. 

Day after day, we see more stories piling up about Twitter's silencing of conservative voices, Youtube's demonitizing of conservative content creators, Reddit has openly ALTERED the posts of conservative users and actively treats it's conservative posters with different rules, and now Facebook has announced that it is "re-tooling" how your newsfeed bring "more interesting" content to your feed, by reducing what it thinks is "uninteresting" content.

Anyway....I've fallen completely off the topic here. Here's what I think I need to do here.

I need to abandon social media because the fight I saw coming against free-speech is upon us. The last bastion of free speech will be here and places like here....the personal website. Besides, I am tired of seeing the complete breakdown of logic happening in the minds of my loved ones. Ones who would attack their closest family because they simply disagree with them on small inconsequential ideas that absolutely DO NOT MATTER at all.

I control the content here, I control the message and anyone who wants to see it can visit here...and anyone who doesn't is welcome to stay in their own echo chamber.

What you can expect here is pretty much what you've come to expect from my FB feed. I know that a lot of the visitors here don't even have a clue who I really am (good researcher's won't have a hard time figuring that out), but it'll be funny commentary filled with lots of jokes and political humor and complete savagery of the SJW culture.

There are no ads here, I don't expect there ever will be. Just enjoy the ride.


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Looks like I had a ton of maintenance to do on the servers, and I have to prepare for some upcoming Travel.


So, you can look forward to me posting some travel photos this week.


In the meantime, here's some funny shit.


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It is July 25th, 2016....and the Bernie campaign is in ashes.

As predicted, it would be voter suppression that did him in, along with a host of other dirty tricks. These are all now common knowledge.

Bernie Sanders supporters tried to make last ditch efforts to disrupt the convention and be heard. This was dealt with by expelling anyone with a Bernie sign, and their seats being taken by paid actors. Those who still remained and were causing disturbance were called ridiculous and the sham of a primary concluded with Hillary's coronation.

One man tried to raise the red flag, and is possibly the Wikileaks source ( this time). He became a casualty of this election and was killed just 15 days before the Democratic Convention.

His name was Seth Rich.


There are those out there who think that it is ridiculous to tie this murder to the Clinton Campaign. There are also those who think that a string of mysterious deaths that is so numerous that websites have been devoted to counting them, is just too much of a coincidence. A list of mysterious suicides as famous as Vince Foster and a score of other people that have shot themselves twice in the back of the head in their desperate suicide. One even threw themself into the dumpster during the attempt.

A list of names so long and so famous that Google attempted to bury the search term during her campaign.

Seriously, the mortality rate of being a business partner with the Clinton's is so high, the Surgeon General needs to slap a warning label on it.

What possible secret could all of these suicide victims have known that tortured them so badly they would shoot themselves multiple times in the such an awkward angle?

We're gonna circle back around to that...

Put a pin in that one...we'll come back around.

Back to where we were though...'s at an end.

It's now down to Hillary and Trump. I'm at square one. I know I do NOT want Hillary, but I have also spent so much energy working against Trump. I am exhausted just thinking about the race at this point.'s true, I immediately considered Trump as the enemy of my enemy, and therefore my friend. However, I wanted to know more, and so I did something I hadn't done up to this point.

I ignored what the media told me about him, and I started to go back and watch the videos of his speeches. I watched the videos of his interviews long before the election. I watched his interviews almost 2 decades old. I found something extraordinary. I found a lot of the people telling me how awful he is had told their own audiences years ago how incredible he is. I listened to the things he said 15 years ago being applauded by diverse crowds had not changed one iota from the speeches he was giving today....and continues to give.

I found a man who truly did not seek power, but felt it thrust upon him because it had to be done. He had been trying to guide past presidents and use his knowledge to help them avoid calamity. Had Bush and Obama listened to his advice, we would have the smallest debt ever and be the greatest economic power on the globe. We would also not have lost such valuable assets to America, like the thousands of soldiers who have perished at war.

As I listened...I heard a familiar tone.


To be continued.

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Talk about a "No shit" moment from the Huffington Post. This was the headline from April, 26 2016. We knew what was happening, but we didn't understand why. The DNC was committing what was, in our eyes (and probably everyone else's), a crime. They were intentionally sinking the popular candidate and being complicit in voter suppression and fraud.

Remember now, I'm making a statement on the history of what happened and not the case for Bernie to have ultimately won. Spoilers here....what I learned later changed my mind, but we have to examine how we got here.

So, we know by the enthusiasm and grassroots support that we had the better candidate. This was backed up by poll after poll showing Bernie ahead of Trump by 16 points. Hillary was polling somewhere in the area of 3 points ahead of Trump with a 5 point margin (In statistic-speak, we call this 'losing')

Below is my comment on the SandersForPresident subreddit after the loss in New York.

It's time to be honest. We have to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

New York was a near knockout blow. Not because we lost, many of us were ready and prepared for that. It hit us so hard that we were looking out our earhole because of the margins.

That's the that we've talked about that truth, we can move on and address a few other truths.

This is just like any other fight, it's not about how hard you can hit, it's about how you get back up after being knocked on your ass.

Now, the harder truth, we got robbed. We got to see just how far the other team was willing to go to game this contest. Bernie is a threat to their way of life and they are willing to go to any length to stop him. I think we underestimated that part of this contest. It's, to me personally, the reason why losing NY was so tough for me. I wanted to believe that both sides were playing by the rules...and they were...they just didn't have the same rulebook.

So...if I had the ear of Bernie or his administration, here is what I would say...

This contest is far from over. We have many more states and a hell of a lot more delegates to go...but you have to be bolder than ever before. It's time to stop running for mayor. It's time to stop running for the senate. You are running for President. The gloves need to come off. When you step into this ring, the person throwing punches at you is the ENEMY.

Seize the moments ahead, and be the Commander we need you to be.

Your very loyal army stands here ready to follow you into the future we all believe in.


All I was hoping for at this point was to see the gloves come off and him to start hitting her in all the points we knew he could nail her on. Benghazi, emails, lie after lie after lie that she consistently spouted. FOR FUCK'S SAKE JUST HIT HER!! ACT LIKE YOU WANT THIS!! say it fizzled from here would be an understatement. From this point forward, it was like watching a boxer in the ring who could no longer get his gloves up. Time after time, the DNC would manipulate the polls to suppress the Bernie turnout and he would say....nothing.

This was extremely puzzling to me and went far beyond the whole "I don't want to hurt the party" sorta thing. Here we knew we had a corrupt opponent who we knew would do far worse damage if she won than the damage that would be caused by crushing her with the truth.

The reason why would be revealed later with the Podesta email leaks, along with information that was so shocking it made me realize that we were dealing with evil on a scale I had not thought possible.


To be continued.

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