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Rethinking my mission with this site.


I honestly was thinking this would be a great place to create thought-provoking articles where former members would enjoy the nostalgia of visiting. However, I don't think that's possible now. The political landscape is too volatile and far too toxic. Also, because I will not change from the conservative that I am....and that is just not acceptable to a lot of people.

Worse though...watching loved ones turn into SJW zombies. Who literally hurl labels of 'racism', 'Nazi' or 'fascist' at any idea that is counter to their own narrative. Like, for example, when I disagreed on the definition of whether an exploratory committee constitutes an actual presidential campaign. Yeah....not kidding. I just simply asked a couple questions and was immediately shut down with several undeserved epithets over that one.

In this climate ANY challenge of the SJW narrative is a physical violent attack in their minds. I wish I was kidding with that statement. We live in very Orwellian times. I am also watching the great powers of the social media giants shutting down conservative free speech. They aren't even hiding it anymore.

I remember in the recent past as Twitter stood lockstep with Apple in it's resistance to assist the FBI in unlocking a terrorist's iPhone in the name of protecting it's user's privacy (A stance that I understood was complicated, and I could not fault them on), but just recently seeing them tell the DOJ that they are eager and ready to hand over the sitting president's DMs...ya know....cause that's just fine....and NOBODY even asked them to. They just WANT to give it out.

I have no skin in that game, but I point it out because it shows the complete insanity of their stances. 

Day after day, we see more stories piling up about Twitter's silencing of conservative voices, Youtube's demonitizing of conservative content creators, Reddit has openly ALTERED the posts of conservative users and actively treats it's conservative posters with different rules, and now Facebook has announced that it is "re-tooling" how your newsfeed bring "more interesting" content to your feed, by reducing what it thinks is "uninteresting" content.

Anyway....I've fallen completely off the topic here. Here's what I think I need to do here.

I need to abandon social media because the fight I saw coming against free-speech is upon us. The last bastion of free speech will be here and places like here....the personal website. Besides, I am tired of seeing the complete breakdown of logic happening in the minds of my loved ones. Ones who would attack their closest family because they simply disagree with them on small inconsequential ideas that absolutely DO NOT MATTER at all.

I control the content here, I control the message and anyone who wants to see it can visit here...and anyone who doesn't is welcome to stay in their own echo chamber.

What you can expect here is pretty much what you've come to expect from my FB feed. I know that a lot of the visitors here don't even have a clue who I really am (good researcher's won't have a hard time figuring that out), but it'll be funny commentary filled with lots of jokes and political humor and complete savagery of the SJW culture.

There are no ads here, I don't expect there ever will be. Just enjoy the ride.


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Looks like I had a ton of maintenance to do on the servers, and I have to prepare for some upcoming Travel.


So, you can look forward to me posting some travel photos this week.


In the meantime, here's some funny shit.


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