Before Nov 8th, 2016 I quoted a line from one of my favorite mini-series....Dune


"We're about to go through the crucible, but we'll come out the other side. We always arise from our own ashes. Everything returns later in its... changed form." ~ Leto II, God Emperor of Dune


I still 100% believe this. This belief is that on the one hand, we will be tested greatly. We will have the foundations of our country questioned, challenged and hardened. The forces all around us will attempt to break our country into pieces. On the other hand, I firmly believe that the center will hold, and we will come back from this harder and stronger and wiser.

I have to remind myself of the simple biological studies that predict the outcome of a Trump presidency. Back in the early 2000's there was a 2 part study of rats. They took common rats in New York and placed them into a large paradise with easily available food and entertainment...plenty of female rats. They kept the environment completely abiding to them with absolutely no stress.

They shrunk in size to almost the size of a mouse. They atrophied from a biological perspective.

The 2nd part of the study was even more telling. They had a similar sized environment, but they packed it with traps....the food was poisoned regularly....the population controlled and mating options kept scarce. Life in this environment was constantly hostile.

They grew strong and resistant to poison, and they got large as dogs. Mother nature does love a challenge.

Humans are very much like this, we do not fare well when times are too good. We need a bit of hostility to realize our true potentials....after all, how do you think we got the bomb?

These hard times will change us....but I am positive that we will come out stronger.

Have faith.


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Yeah, so I haven't updated here in a while...


I think it's symptomatic of cutting off all social media. Seriously....just haven't given a damn what's happening out there, and have felt really good about not giving a damn.


How's my game going? Glad you's fan-fucking-tastic, really. I'm making so much money with the corp that I am achieving levels that I previously thought were years (literal years) away.

The other night, I dropped about $100.00 real cash on the game to accelerate my was kinda like this...

2.5 million skill points later....I'm ready to do some major damage...

Looking at dropping another $200.00 and making more money than I previously believed was possible in the game.

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I'm absolutely positive no one in DC slept last night. I fully expect a hysterical media doing everything it possibly can to distract and retract from the memo release today.

Trump's State of the Union speech is going to be talked about for years. I fully expect this to be one of those moments that will be called 'The turning point' in history.


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Tick Tock Tick Tock....




Time is up....the memo is coming.



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