It is July 25th, 2016....and the Bernie campaign is in ashes.

As predicted, it would be voter suppression that did him in, along with a host of other dirty tricks. These are all now common knowledge.

Bernie Sanders supporters tried to make last ditch efforts to disrupt the convention and be heard. This was dealt with by expelling anyone with a Bernie sign, and their seats being taken by paid actors. Those who still remained and were causing disturbance were called ridiculous and the sham of a primary concluded with Hillary's coronation.

One man tried to raise the red flag, and is possibly the Wikileaks source ( this time). He became a casualty of this election and was killed just 15 days before the Democratic Convention.

His name was Seth Rich.


There are those out there who think that it is ridiculous to tie this murder to the Clinton Campaign. There are also those who think that a string of mysterious deaths that is so numerous that websites have been devoted to counting them, is just too much of a coincidence. A list of mysterious suicides as famous as Vince Foster and a score of other people that have shot themselves twice in the back of the head in their desperate suicide. One even threw themself into the dumpster during the attempt.

A list of names so long and so famous that Google attempted to bury the search term during her campaign.

Seriously, the mortality rate of being a business partner with the Clinton's is so high, the Surgeon General needs to slap a warning label on it.

What possible secret could all of these suicide victims have known that tortured them so badly they would shoot themselves multiple times in the such an awkward angle?

We're gonna circle back around to that...

Put a pin in that one...we'll come back around.

Back to where we were though...'s at an end.

It's now down to Hillary and Trump. I'm at square one. I know I do NOT want Hillary, but I have also spent so much energy working against Trump. I am exhausted just thinking about the race at this point.'s true, I immediately considered Trump as the enemy of my enemy, and therefore my friend. However, I wanted to know more, and so I did something I hadn't done up to this point.

I ignored what the media told me about him, and I started to go back and watch the videos of his speeches. I watched the videos of his interviews long before the election. I watched his interviews almost 2 decades old. I found something extraordinary. I found a lot of the people telling me how awful he is had told their own audiences years ago how incredible he is. I listened to the things he said 15 years ago being applauded by diverse crowds had not changed one iota from the speeches he was giving today....and continues to give.

I found a man who truly did not seek power, but felt it thrust upon him because it had to be done. He had been trying to guide past presidents and use his knowledge to help them avoid calamity. Had Bush and Obama listened to his advice, we would have the smallest debt ever and be the greatest economic power on the globe. We would also not have lost such valuable assets to America, like the thousands of soldiers who have perished at war.

As I listened...I heard a familiar tone.


To be continued.