This pretty much sums up everything I see that is about to go wrong for Democrats in 2018, and quite possibly 2020.


The Democrats are bringing only 2 things to the table for the next round of elections.

1. Donald Trump is bad.

2. White people are bad.


This is NOT a platform, this is just hyperbole and racism couched as anti-racism.


In contrast, the Trump conservatives (Notice I did not say the GOP) are bringing the platform of smaller government, lower taxes, protected borders and jobs. This is what a values platform looks like. This is what people respond to and what wins elections. 

If the Democrats continue down the path of trying to line people up into identity boxes, and punishing those identities that they dislike...which is collectivism and racism...they will lose....BIGLY. It's going to be a bloodbath and then we will have to deal with a conservative super-majority, which even I will agree is a bad thing. Neither party needs to have a super-majority control of the argument.


So, I will make my appeal to Democrats again....please, for fuck's sake....abandon identity politics, reconnect with middle America and re-establish your roots as the party of the middle class....or perish. Your choice.