So this last weekend I dropped almost my entire wealth in the game into transporting fighting and mining ships down to NULLSEC.

The transport was intercepted and destroyed. Everything was lost.

My corporation stepped up to the plate and refunded all of my the last penny. I was able to set up a new shipment and send out all of the previously lost ships, along with a couple extras. These shipments made it fine.

So, tonight I joined a raiding party and fought alongside some of the more powerful members of our team. One of them did not make it through the fight. He lost his ship, and had to retreat while the last 2 of us fought through the melee.Throughout the fight, I never dropped below 50% shields....on an armor tanking ship....which basically means I barely received a scratch.

When it was all said and done....I donated my earnings on the raid to the member who lost his was the least I could do.