Stress....let's talk about stress.

It's an old and dear friend of mine. We know each other so well, we borrow toothbrushes from each other. has parked several large issues on my doorstep again. I don't even know how to begin to process some of this. there is literally 2 equal and opposite possibilities....take more damage to the direction of my life, and help others....or make serious gains against the debt we have accrued, but leave those same people to discover other solutions.

I am not heartless, but I am running out of time to correct my own course.

This is not just family, it is also simultaneously happening in my work life.

It's's stressful....

I want to be the good guy, but I also want my hard-work and dedication to produce results in MY life and improve life for my wife and I.


I work good under stress....I hope I find the 3rd option soon.