Ok...I've actually been pretty good about my boycott of social media for a bit, and I have to say....I'm feeling a little less crazy.

I've been reading some articles about how social media has been affecting mental health. To be honest, it really didn't definitively say whether it was changing too positively or negatively....but I can assure you that it is changing it.

This is an exercise I would greatly endorse for others to follow. It's very liberating.


The downside is that I have been less compelled to update this site, but don't worry...I will make an effort to do so.

My game is going extremely well...I have made a lot of new friends, and I am making a lot of in-game money....also it is burning stress like kindling. It's fantastic.

Politics...well....I expect bad things are about to come down the pipe for Dems, but then again...I always do. I could rail and rant about the many many MANY hypocrisies and scandals they are producing lately...but I'll just say this....




As a personal life update, I'll throw this out there...


Life is beautiful...money is flowing....things are happening....and I have incredible kids who have incredible kids.


get off social media and 'step outside'